Stock Market Game

Stock Market Game™

The Stock Market Game is a dynamic, curriculum-based investing simulation that empowers youth in grades 4-12 to manage a hypothetical $100,000 portfolio of stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, and ESG investments. Financial education materials, instructional videos and professional development events augment the 3–9-month immersive competition. No prior knowledge of economics and finance is needed to administer The Stock Market Game.



InvestWrite is an exciting companion to The Stock Market Game, challenging students to apply their newly acquired financial knowledge in an essay about long-term investing. InvestWrite hones critical thinking and English Language Arts skills, encourages creativity, and provides a bridge between classroom learning and the real-world. Thousands of financial professionals volunteer as judges each semester to identify and recognize the top essays.

Capitol Hill Challenge

Capitol Hill Challenge™

The Capitol Hill Challenge, offered each Spring, engages 100% of Congress with underserved middle and high schools nationwide. In this special edition of The Stock Market Game™, student teams manage a hypothetical investment portfolio, gain essential financial knowledge and workplace skills, and increase their civics education. Top-performing teams earn national recognition and the opportunity to meet with government and business leaders.

Invest It Forward

Invest It Forward®

Invest It Forward taps the real-world insights of financial professionals to complement schools’ and nonprofit organizations’ participation in The Stock Market Game. Industry experts volunteer for a range of roles requested by educators online, and are provided access to an acclaimed capital markets curriculum to guide their in-person or virtual engagements and bring financial education concepts and career exploration to life.


SMG InvestQuest

SMG InvestQuest is a 30-minute educational investing experience focused on diversification and long-term investing that provides a glimpse into The Stock Market Game. With a starting cash balance of $100,000, participants make quarterly investment decisions over a 5-year period based on market commentary, company news, and trading history. SMG InvestQuest features three levels and enhances participants’ financial acumen and strategic thinking.